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How will LNG be priced and where will transactions take place? Will China, India and others make the large infrastructure investments needed to support their aggressive plans to use more natural gas? Will the tariff situation between the United States and China threaten future LNG export development? Find out in Navigating LNG Through A Choppy World Trade Sea.
New York has stymied natural gas development for years, beginning with a ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing and continuing attempts to shut the door to new pipeline infrastructure. Industry increasingly has taken notice, with a battle underway in the courts, political circles and public opinion.
The Haynesville Shale, once a King in 2008, then a pauper, is back and in business.

Investment is pumping in once again - how far might it go and who is driving it?

Can the Haynesville mount the Shale throne once again?
NGI's 4Q2016 earnings report is jam-packed with numbers, key points, analysis, and charts.

Oil service prices are finally rebounding, but how high might they go? North American LNG exports are ramping up - Where and When? Who may lead the offshore market out of its malaise? And much, much more.
The rush is on to build more natgas-fired power-gen in the PJM. But Appalachia will need more pipes.

Rebounding oil prices likely mean more associated gas in 2017, so new takeaway projects can’t come online soon enough for constrained producers. With so much supply in question, you can’t afford to be left in the dark on Appalachia.
Get the latest from those out in front of the E&P field in this 23-page report with results and forecasts from the leaders in the industry.

NGI's team of veteran reporters and analysts draw upon their years of market-watching to bring you a quick turn-around review of the past quarter and what the leaders are predicting for 4Q2016 and beyond.
If well results and M&A activity offer any indication, the SCOOP and STACK are ready to take off in 2017 as commodity prices recover. Learn what has producers buzzing about Oklahoma's stacked reservoirs.

Don't miss this chance to get the latest SCOOP, directly from Oklahoma's biggest players.
NGI's veteran journalists bring you closer than ever to the major pipelines and players that continue to shape the Mexican gas market - straight from the source.

Get an inside look at the progress and plans for the build-out of Mexico's natural gas system under Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (Cenagas), two years after its separation from Pemex.
Move fast or lose it...That's the advice for latecomers looking for a piece of the Permian Basin. Land transactions in Texas and New Mexico are piling up at rising acreage prices, and drilling, production, and infrastructure are humming.

Dealmaking is back with a vengeance in West Texas and New Mexico. The Permian has been dubbed the oil "mother lode" for at least the next century.
Shell’s multi-billion dollar ethane cracker in Western Pennsylvania is an important development for anyone operating in the oil/natural gas, chemicals and plastics markets and their suppliers.

The first of its kind outside of the Gulf Coast in 20 years, Shell's cracker could be the most important Marcellus development since...the Marcellus. Release the Cracker!
Mexico is in the midst of transitioning to an open market for natural gas, at the same time expanding its natural gas fueled electric power system and industrial base.

While not easily accomplished, history shows that once a competitive market gains momentum it can be a powerful force.

Mexico, to many, is looking like a more attractive market than the global liquefied natural gas sector.
After being idled by the crude oil price collapse, Bakken Shale oil & gas producers are ready to get back to work now that commodity prices are creeping higher, but questions remain.
What is the outlook for the play, and the magic prices to bring shut-ins, DUCs and new development online?

Our 15-page report includes projections from producers, analysts and Bakken gurus.
Low oil and gas commodity prices, robust storage and stagnant demand are forcing U.S. producers in unconventional basins to work smarter. One way of weathering the current bearish storm is through the leveraging Drilled But Uncompleted (DUCs) well portfolios.

This special report takes an in-depth look at where the DUCs are located; how many there are; and what current strategies are being deployed by producers.

The currently proposed Marcellus-to-Southeast takeaway pipelines could fundamentally change regional flow dynamics.

But will unrelenting opposition by anti-pipeline activists delay these projects and leave the region capacity constrained, driving up spot prices and pushing gas back out of the power stack?

This update will help you keep track of how the leading companies are pursuing strategies to stay in the game in the Marcellus & Utica shales, ready to rumble when the market picks up.

Learn how these stars of the nation's leading U.S. shale formations are maintaining momentum, moving to dry gas and adjusting well spacing. It's these strategies that make them the stars of the sector.