In an ongoing effort to improve its robust natural gas futures pricing indexes, Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) is adding three new pricing locations — Agua Dulce, Transco Zone 2 and Transwestern — to our Forward Look curves, effective March 1.

As exports moving natural gas south of the border continue to grow, the addition of the Agua Dulce location aims to provide clarity into the pricing at the Texas/Mexico border. Agua Dulce is the last stop before the border for natural gas moving south into Mexico via pipelines like Sur de Texas-Tuxpan.

Along with Agua Dulce, NGI is completing the suite of Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. zones by adding Transco Zone 2 (Station 45) in East Texas. The Transwestern location in West Texas expands the coverage of Permian Basin locations.

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As with other Forward Look locations, curves for the newly added points will go out 10 years, expressed as both fixed prices and basis differentials to the Henry Hub.

NGI continues to reassess the market on a regular basis to improve our Forward Look service so as to provide a powerful, affordable tool for forecasting, risk management and market analysis.

NGI wants to hear from you. If there is a price location you’d like to see NGI cover, or if you have a comment or question on any of our existing points, please contact