Welcome to the new NGI (Natural Gas Intelligence) website!

Combined Websites ScreenshotThis page will help you transition from using our previous sites to using our new site.

NGI has combined the publications and content of two websites into one!

Please bookmark the new site, naturalgasintel.com.

All of the articles and data you used to access plus great new features

Below you will find:

  • FAQs for all users
  • FAQs for users of intelligencepress.com and/or shaledaily.com
  • What’s new on naturalgasintel.com?

FAQs for all users

1. What newsletters and data are now available exclusively on the NaturalGasIntel.com website:


  • Daily Gas Price Index
  • Shale Daily
  • NGI - Weekly Newsletter


  • Bidweek Price Datafeed & Historical Data
  • Daily GPI Data & Historical Data
  • Shale Daily Data & Historical Data
  • Weekly GPI Data & Historical Data
  • Forward Look - Futures Data
2. Help! I forgot my password.

If you created a trial on the new NaturalGasIntel.com website or if you are a current subscriber to any of NGI’s news publications or data products, you will have an account on the new website. If you believe you have an account but cannot recall your password, visit the Retrieve Password page, input your email address, and our system will automatically email you your password. If your email address is not found in our system you will be notified immediately on that page.

Lost Password Screenshot

3. How can I change my password?

You may change your password and other details like your address on the Account Information page, which you can access by clicking on the My NGI link that appears above the Search box after you have logged in.

Account Information Screenshot

4. How do I know which publications are part of my subscription?

For both paid subscribers and trialers, you may quickly and easily determine which publications you have full access to in one of two ways: (1) While logged in, mouse over the My NGI link above the Search box. When you do, a list will appear showing you those publications you are “Subscribed” to and those you are “Unsubscribed” to. (2) While logged in, click the My NGI link above the Search box and the Account Information page will appear. Click on the Subscriptions tab and only those publications for which you have access will appear. On this page you may request that your subscriptions be renewed or canceled.

5. I need help/have questions and want to communicate with a person.

No worries! You may contact NGI during regular business hours (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. Send an email to: info@naturalgasintel.com. Chat with us by clicking on the “Chat with NGI” button on the lower right of any page. Or give us a call at: 1-800-427-5747.

FAQs for previous users of IntelligencePress.com and/or ShaleDaily.com

1.How do I access/download PDF files that are part of my subscription(s)?

PDF’s are available at the top/right of each News publication “home page.” Previous PDF issues are available under the View Archived Issues drop down. The current issue’s PDF is also available from the right sidebar on most pages, about halfway down the page under the green Subscriber Content area.

PDF Download Screenshot

2. How do I view natural gas spot prices?

A list of all 120+ NGI natural gas cash market prices for the most recent trading day is always found on naturalgasintel.com/dailyprices. You may also access it by clicking the Cash Market Prices link found in the right sidebar of the Daily GPI section of the site, under the green Subscriber Content area.

Gas Spot Prices Screenshot

3. Where do I find IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) natural gas prices?

ICE prices for the most recent trading day are now located at NaturalGasIntel.com/ICE. You may also access the list of ICE prices by using the link in the lower/right area of any Daily GPI webpage. Please note only the most recent trading day’s data is available. If you are interested in historical natural gas price data, we recommend you review our NGI Data home page for details.

ICE Screenshot

4. Where can I find CME futures data?

NYMEX natural gas futures prices are now located at NaturalGasIntel.com/NYMEX. You may also access the list of NYMEX futures prices by using the CME link in the lower/right area of any Daily GPI webpage.

NYMEX Screenshot

5. Where can I find other industry data (e.g. EIA Storage, CFTC, Weather, Baker Hughes, NRC data)?

NGI pulls and aggregates industry data in an easy-to-use “accordion” style area located in the lower/right of most pages. That area displays links to the CFTC Commitments of Traders Report, Baker Hughes Rig Count, EIA Storage Report, ICE Physical Natural Gas Prices, CME Natural Gas Futures, and the NRC Power Reactor Status Report.

Other Industry Data Menu

What’s new on the NaturalGasIntel.com website?

Free Drinks!

The “free drinks” are on us! At least, that’s our tongue-in-cheek way of saying we want you to be able to sample some of our news articles for free. So we offer five (5) free articles before you have to either sign up for a free 7-day trial (of unlimited free articles) or subscribe. Sadly, the NGI “free drinks” program does not apply to our data products.

Shale Basin Landing Pages

We’ve created dedicated “landing pages” for each of the major, active shale basins in North America. Each basin landing page features recent news articles about the basin along with special associated details including a list of the states and counties covered by the basin, a list (and map) of major natural gas transmission pipelines, historical rig counts, charts & graphs and more! Just mouse over the Shale Daily menu item and select a basin to view.

Shale Basin Landing Page

Data Page for Every NGI Cash Market Price Point

We’ve created a special dedicated data page for each of our 120+ cash market price points. Each price point page shows the daily average price, average range, the daily/monthly/yearly change, volume, number of deals and the change from the most recent Bidweek price. If you like data and tracking natgas prices, you’ll love the new NGI website!

Data Page for NGI Cash Market Price Points

Charts & Graphs

NGI often creates charts and graphs to provide extra, important information for our news stories. Unfortunately on our previous sites, those charts and graphs were often not noticed! In the new NaturalGasIntel.com website we’ve made it easy to spot them. If there is a chart or graph with a given story, there will be a “thumbnail” image in the description of that story. Also, if you click to view a shale basin landing page (see above), there is a “Charts & Graphs” button on the landing page. Click it and you will see a “gallery” of all the available images pertaining to that particular basin. Finally, on the NaturalGasIntel.com home page in the lower left we highlight our “Charts of the Week” to bring those charts to your attention that we believe deserve extra-special attention.

Keyword Searching

Although we had keyword searching on our previous sites, the search capability on our new site is blazingly fast and highly accurate. Give it a try! We think you’ll appreciate the speed with which you can now find stories, new and old, that are just what you’re looking for.