February Natural Gas Bidweek Prices Plummet Amid Weak Demand, Abundant Supplies

Natural gas prices nosedived in February bidweek trading under the pressure of enduring benign weather, light heating demand and robust production. NGI’s February Bidweek National Avg. sunk $8.290 month/month to $5.430/MMBtu. That compared with the $6.785 average for the year-earlier period. Prices dropped across the Lower 48 during the Jan. 25-27 bidweek trade, with natural…

NGI Issues February 2023 Bidweek Revision

NGI has made a revision to our February 2023 Bidweek prices that affects the following locations:

February 3, 2023

NGI’s Proposed Natural Gas Price Index Changes to Take Effect April 1, 2023

In our continuing effort to stay ahead of the changes in physical flows of the North American natural gas market, Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) proposes to amend the spot market price tables that appear in NGI’s various data services by adding one (1) new location, making changes to three (3) existing indexes, and ceasing to…

January 10, 2023

West Coast Flexes Muscle, Lifts January Natural Gas Bidweek Prices Even as Most U.S. Markets Soften

With warm air more typical of spring forecast to blanket much of the United States through the first two-thirds of January (at least), natural gas prices for January baseload delivery plummeted at a vast majority of locations. The West Coast was a glaring exception. Harsh wintry conditions, including historic rainfalls that have caused severe flooding…

January 3, 2023

December Natural Gas Bidweek Prices Soar as Wintry Weather Sends Demand Surging

Natural gas prices spiked in December bidweek trading as markets absorbed the demand impacts of cold wintry blasts that permeated the West, central United States and parts of the East. Early snowstorms and freezing conditions propelled heating demand and interrupted production, buttressing prices. NGI’s December Bidweek National Avg. spiked $3.445 month/month to $8.395/MMBtu. That far…

December 1, 2022