Sales of natural gas by 23 leading marketers were down 1.93 Bcf/d (2%) in 4Q2016, but upward swings in the two previous quarters were enough to push the year-end total higher compared with 2015, according to NGI‘s 4Q2016 and Full-Year 2016 Top North American Natural Gas Marketers rankings.


Participating gas marketers reported combined sales transactions of 107.99 Bcf/d in 4Q2016, compared with 109.92 in 4Q2015. Four of the survey’s top 10 marketers and eight companies overall reported higher numbers in 4Q2016 than in the year-ago period.


Following a lengthy stretch of overall sales decreases dating back to 1Q2014, NGI‘s survey of North American marketers reported combined sales transactions of 111.95 Bcf/d in 2Q2016, a 7% increase compared with 2Q2015. That rebound continued in