Big fluctuations continued along the Nymex natural gas futures curve early Monday as traders wrestled with hotter shifts in the latest weather models and a step up in production. The September contract, which rolls off the board later this week, settled at $3.945, up 9.4 cents on the day. October also picked up 9.4 cents to hit $3.960.

NGI Storage Snapshot

Spot gas prices climbed across much of the country, boosting NGI’s Spot Gas National Avg. 15.5 cents to $3.930.

At A Glance:

  • Weather models continue to warm
  • LNG plants nearing in-service
  • Cash strong on late-season heat

After last week’s wild price swings, futures looked eager to continue riding the rollercoaster during Monday’s session. The September Nymex contract traded more than a nickel higher than Friday’s levels early in the day....