Lake, FL-based Mitsubishi Power Americas Inc. has launched the world’s first standard packages for green hydrogen integration, another step toward its long-term strategy of  emissions-free generation.  

The hydrogen storage integrator model allows other energy storage technologies to integrate, including including with natural gas turbines and renewable energy.

“We previously announced two green hydrogen projects in Delta, UT, that were the inspiration for the Hystore package, which provides massive long-duration storage of renewable energy,” CEO Paul Browning said. The three additional packages offer flexibility to make a power plant “hydrogen ready” as “infrastructure matures and renewable storage requirements increase.”

The projects are designed to mesh with future projects to create “a true path to the zero-carbon power grid of the future.”

The technology is being used as a hydrogen storage integrator for three projects valued at more than $3 billion. The Danskammer Energy in Newburgh, NY, consists of a 600 MW capacity package. 

“We are committed to helping New York meet its climate targets,” Danskammer CEO William Reid said. “By partnering with Mitsubishi Power for integrated green hydrogen generation and storage technologies, we hope to provide leadership in developing short- and long-duration energy storage infrastructure in New York State.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in February put the Big Apple on a path to phase out all fossil fuels, including natural gas, by 2040 in its “large building systems.” San Francisco and several other municipalities in California also are working to ban natural gas in all new buildings.

According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook for 2020, intermittent renewable capacity is predicted to almost quadruple by 2050. 

Mitsubishi Power also is developing a project for Virginia-based Balico. CEO Irfan K. Ali said the 1,600 MW Chickahominy Power Project “is poised to deliver the critical Dominion Zone PJM market and Virginia the most efficient and reliable gas turbine technology in the world.”

Another hydrogen project under development by Mitsubishi Power is the EmberClear’s 1,084 MW Harrison Power Project in Cadiz, OH. 

“We expect this plant to be the first hydrogen-capable project to reach commercial operation east of the Mississippi River,” EmberClear President Raj Suri. “We also plan to use Mitsubishi Power as the green hydrogen integrator in our eastern Pennsylvania project, which is in the early stages of development.”