Midcoast Energy LLC is holding a nonbinding open season through Sept. 14 to gauge support for CJ Express, a natural gas pipeline that would transport supply from the Haynesville Shale in East Texas to the Houston Ship Channel and markets along the Gulf Coast.

CJ Express would traverse East Texas and include up to 150 miles of 36-inch or larger diameter pipeline and would be incorporated into Midcoast’s existing East Texas system. The ArcLight Capital Partners LLC subsidiary did not specify the proposed pipeline’s total capacity.

Midcoast said it expects CJ Express to enter service in mid-2020.

If it gains enough interest, the pipeline would originate near Carthage in Panola County and extend south, interconnecting with Gulf South Pipeline and Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s 100 Line in Tyler County. It would then continue south to the company’s Clarity Pipeline in Hardin County and deliver to pipelines that include Atmos Pipeline-Texas, Texas Eastern Gas Transmission, Florida Gas Transmission and Texas Pipeline and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line.

Midcoast cited “substantial volume growth with increased production from the East Texas and Louisiana Haynesville Shale” as rationale for the project.

Last May, Enbridge agreed to sell Midcoast to an affiliate of ArcLight for $1.1 billion. Currently, Midcoast’s East Texas system is the largest gathering and processing system in the East Texas Basin. It includes more than 4,300 miles of pipeline, 1.3 Bcf/d of treating capacity, 700 MMcf/d of processing capacity and throughput of more than 1.3 Bcf/d.