Mexican state oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported natural gas production of 3.68 Bcf/d in November 2020, down from 3.87 Bcf/d during the same month in 2019. 

rig image pemex

The figure includes production with joint-venture (JV) partners.

Production from fields operated solely by Pemex fell to 3.6 Bcf/d from 3.78 Bcf/d, the national oil company said.

Natural gas output associated with oil drilling, aka associated gas, fell to 1.59 Bcf/d from 1.71 Bcf/d, while non-associated gas production was essentially flat at 1 Bcf/d versus 1.02 Bcf/d in November 2019.

Dry gas from Pemex processing centers averaged 2.2 Bcf/d, down from 2.37 Bcf/d in November 2019. The dry gas figure is a more precise measure than total gas production of the molecules that actually make it to the local...