Mexico: A Whole New Natural Gas Market Opening Close to Home (published July 20, 2016)


Special Report updated Aug. 3 to detail CENAGAS's five-year plan
to build 12 pipelines and one compressor station.

Mexico is in the midst of transitioning to an open market for natural gas, while at the same time expanding its electric power system and industrial base with units fueled by natural gas. The first wave of the transition, increasing imports of natural gas from the United States is already under way, with new pipelines built and others under construction.

Midstream infrastructure is growing as the nation works to move from a monopoly to open-access transportation, similar to the U.S. system. This is a gigantic market that is just awakening - the time for early-mover industry and investment action is now.

Many questions remain, however: How soon will Mexico, which currently is concentrating on oil, develop its own natural gas resources? Which companies will be at the forefront of the push South, and what pipelines will be responsible? Will basis prices continue to be based on U.S. points, or will new indices take over?

Get in the picture with this timely and comprehensive report. Mexico, just a pipeline away across the Rio Grande, is looking to many like a very attractive natural gas market that doesn't require liquefaction or an ocean voyage.

Referenced in the report:
Abraxas Petroleum | Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) | Howard Energy Mexico
Howard Midstream Energy Partners | Laredo Energy | Petroleos Mexicanos
PetroRock Energy | Renaissance Oil | Sempra Energy | Spectra Energy | TransCanada

Inside this 10-page report:

  • Racing to construct 12 new pipelines in updated five-year CENAGAS plan: How much capacity is enough? 6-7 Bcf/d? 8-9 Bcf/d? More?
  • On the agenda: developing pipeline electronic bulletin boards, price indices
  • Foreign E&P's off and running
  • Mexico's Eagle Ford risks vs. rewards
  • Will competition bring down high drilling service costs?
  • How will the old Pemex pipelines be integrated with newly built private pipes?
  • How long will it take the market to develop?

"I've seen it could go up as high as 6 or 7 Bcf/d," he said of Mexican imports of U.S. gas.
"We think there's a huge latent demand for natural gas in Mexico."

- Brandon Seale, President, Howard Energy Mexico

"This is all very new to Mexico, just like it was new in the United states 25 years ago, and so I would not expect the process to be smooth. I would expect it to be bumpy and lumpy, just like it was here in the U.S." - John Hopper, Consultant & Midstream Developer

How long will it take the Mexican market to develop: "I don't know. Hopefully in the next five years we're up and running... A lot of things have to happen. It's difficult to say, to answer a timeframe."
- Javier Gutierrez Becerril, Deputy Director for Modernization, Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

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