The dynamics of the nascent Mexican natural gas market are shifting once again with the 2.6 Bcf/d Sur de Texas-Tuxpan marine pipeline on the cusp of becoming the main source of supply into Mexico.

Mexico imports

On July 13, the marine pipeline transported 1.339 Bcf into Mexico’s southeast, slightly below the 1.439 Bcf seen on the Ramones I pipeline on the same day. The Ramones system in northern Mexico has been the traditional main point of supply into Mexico.

Analysts have said that the Tula-Villa de Reyes pipeline (886 MMcf/d), due to enter service this year, will add additional demand on the marine pipeline. Meanwhile, dropping domestic injections at the Burgos processing plant are not being felt on the national Sistrangas pipeline system as cross-border volumes and U.S. injections...