Mexico natural gas prices dropped to $3.37/MMBtu in April, the lowest average monthly price so far this year, according to the latest IPGN monthly index published by the Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE).

The prices, however, were more than $1 higher compared with April 2020, when the CRE reported prices of $2.13/MMBtu.

The CRE used 277 transactions from information provided by 28 marketers to calculate the April index. The industrial northeast reported the highest volume of transactions at 2.201 Bcf/d, followed by the gas region encompassing Mexico City which saw transactions of 1.682 Bcf/d.

Volumes in April rose to 6.745 Bcf/d compared to the March figure of 6.602 Bcf/d and 5.909 Bcf/d in April 2020.

Last month saw higher than expected imports from the United...