Mexico’s CENAGAS last Friday concluded a further stage of its open season for pipeline capacity in the Integrated Natural Gas Transportation and Storage System (SISTRANGAS).

From Nov. 28 until March 10, 780 applications were received in the first round from 24 companies, which represent a requirement capacity of 3.4 million gigajoules (GJ), out of the 2.7 million GJ available. At that time a second round was called.

From March 27 to April 7 CENAGAS received service requests in the second round. As of last Friday, CENAGAS had received from 18 companies 735 service requests. Forty-five applications that were not replaced during this second round will continue to participate in the open season under its original terms, CENAGAS said.

Next, from April 10 until May 4, CENAGAS will evaluate the submitted service requests and allocate the available capacity. Participants to whom capacity has been awarded will be notified between May 8 and 12. The one year transportation service contracts must be signed between May 22 and June 2.

The open season will conclude on July 1 with the start of the transportation service on a firm basis at SISTRANGAS.