The open season to test support for the Mayakan natural gas pipeline system launched by French company Engie SA, while minimal in volumes, could be a test of market demand and infrastructure needs. 


Engie opened bidding on the 483-mile Mayakan system earlier this week, seeking to allocate 0.755 MMcf/d of firm capacity on existing infrastructure.

The trunkline stretches from its interconnection to the national pipeline Sistrangas in Reforma, Chiapas, via the newly completed 250 MMcf/d Cuxtal I interconnect, to Valladolid, in the upper Yucatán Peninsula. Cuxtal has room to expand to 500 MMcf/d.

Through this process, beyond the allocation of gas, the French company aims to “detect firm-based demand from third parties for the expansion of operating assets,” said Genscape...