133 Cash Market Trading Points
We show every NGI cash market trading point, hub and interconnect where gas is traded and priced.

184 Oil & Gas Resource Plays
Every single shale basin and resource play of consequence is included on the map, clearly identified.

142 Natural Gas Pipelines
Every major and many minor natural gas pipelines are included on the map.

50 LNG Import/Export Terminals
The location and maxium peak capacity (bcf/d) for every import/export liquefied natural gas terminal.

An Entire NatGas Education - in a Wall Map!

This full color 39" x 27" wall map is an entire natural gas education at-a-glance. Where are conventional resource basins located? Unconventional (shale) resource basins? They're both clearly marked in two different colors to make it easy to spot. How about pinpointing the location for every major cash market trading point where natural gas is bought and sold along pipelines and terminals in North America? Each of 133 locations is identified on the map.

We also identify import/export terminals for LNG. We even show you which gas transmission pipelines are proposed (diagramming where they will run), and which proposed pipeline projects are on hold. It's ALL in there.

This map will save you hours of time sifting through unreliable sources found on Google and referring to out-of-date handbooks. This maps shows the latest, accurate information you need about pipelines, shale plays, market points and more. Just glance at your wall and find the answers to your questions. Easy!

NGI's 2014 Shale/Resource Plays & North American Natural Gas Pipelines Wall Map

Full color, glossy 39" x 27" wall map showing all major natural gas pipelines, shale/resource plays and price points throughout North America.

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8 Regional/Shale Basin Insets
Zoom in on shale hot spots including Appalachia,
S. Texas, Rockies, Midcontinent, W. Texas,
E. Texas/LA, and Western Canada.

The information is very complete and in particular we found the regional detailed charts extremely helpful.
Gregory Oberholtzer, Senior Managing Director
WP Global Partners

This is a very useful map. My focus is typically on the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays. The really cool part? The wall map gives me a quick visual reference of all major shale plays and all of the major natural gas pipelines.
Jim Willis, Editor
Marcellus Drilling News