A roundup of news and commentary from NGI’s LNG Insight

  • Feed gas nominations to U.S. LNG export terminals are strengthening after frigid temperatures brought operations to a standstill. NGI data showed nominations at 8.66 Bcf early Monday, or roughly 86% of U.S. LNG capacity, according to Wood Mackenzie
  • Nominations haven’t bounced back fully as Freeport LNG Trains 1-3 are offline and two of three trains at Corpus Christi LNG are offline, Wood Mackenzie said Monday. Cameron LNG has started up operations after shutting down last week. 
  • Four vessels have departed Sabine Pass LNG since Friday, while one vessel departed Cameron on Saturday, according to Bloomberg ship-tracking data. Just three vessels left the Gulf Coast during the storm from Feb. 14-19. Temperatures have since increased.
  • Kpler said Monday morning that 24 empty LNG vessels are still floating along the Gulf Coast as they wait to load amid a backlog caused by the storm. That’s up from 18 ballast vessels that were floating in the region on Friday.