Kinder Morgan Louisiana Pipeline LLC (KMLP) has filed at FERC for a project to modify its existing pipeline system in order to serve the Sabine Pass liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Louisiana.

KMLP plans to offer 600,000 Dth/d of firm service on a north-to-south path of its system. The pipeline wants to abandon and remove facilities at an existing meter station and replace the facilities with a larger meter station at the same site. The facilities would specifically serve the Sabine Pass Expansion Project.

The KMLP project will also require construction of a tap and lateral to connect to the Sabine Pass terminal; modification of three existing delivery interconnects; construction of additional compression at a previously certificated compressor station; construction of header pipelines to connect the compressor station to three existing pipeline interconnects that KMLP proposes to modify; as well as the abandonment of the old meter station and its replacement.

“The proposed facilities will provide for gas flow on a north-to-south path on KMLP’s system to deliver natural gas from existing pipeline interconnects to the natural gas liquefaction and…LNG export facility constructed (and currently being expanded) and operated by Sabine Pass Liquefaction LLC at Sabine Pass in Cameron Parish, LA. This project is known as the Sabine Pass Expansion Project…” the pipeline told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [CP17-22].

The project would increase north-to-south capacity by at least 600,000 Dth/d, the pipeline said.

“The project is a market-driven response to the availability of increasing domestic natural gas supplies, coupled with a rising and robust international demand for natural gas to assist in reducing emissions from the increased electrification of developing nations as well as maturing international economies,” the pipeline said. “The total cost for the new KMLP facilities proposed herein is approximately $151 million…

“In addition, the project is expected to result in additional throughput for the interconnected pipelines, which will now be able to deliver gas into KMLP’s system as a result of modifications enabling bidirectional flow and will provide shippers on these interconnected pipelines with increased access to new markets.”

KMLP asked the Commission to issue an order on the project by Feb. 28, 2018. In-service is planned for April 1, 2019.