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Research Eyes Clean Fuels From Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

A municipal wastewater treatment plant in San Francisco's East Bay suburbs has been tapped to pursue a possible pilot test of a new technology aimed at producing various transportation fuels ranging from gasoline to renewable natural gas (RNG) using wastewater solids. A similar project is being pursued in Vancouver, British Columbia, on a shorter, two-year time table. Read More

U.S. Senate Proposal Aims to Promote LNG as Marine Fuel

Two strong supporters in the U.S. Senate for natural gas use as a transportation fuel and major gas industry executives have joined forces to promote a legislative proposal giving liquefied natural gas (LNG) parity with other fuels, such as diesel, when used in marine transportation on inland U.S. waterways. Read More

CNG Providers Stay Optimistic About NGV Market

Keeping up a happy face amid the oil price crash isn't all that difficult for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) sector, according to a couple of major suppliers of natural gas used in transportation and its fueling network. Large fleet owners are used to volatility in the fuels markets, they contend. Read More