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Obama Targets Oil/NatGas in Emissions Pact With Canada

Stymied, for now, in attempts to further regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the utility level, the Obama administration Thursday announced plans -- in collaboration with Canada -- to target methane emissions from existing oil and natural gas production/transmission facilities. Read More

Chesapeake v. McClendon in Lawsuit Over Trade Secrets

American Energy Partners LP (AELP) and its founder, Aubrey K. McClendon, said they intend to "respond vigorously" to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Chesapeake Energy Corp. that alleges the former Chesapeake CEO stole trade secrets during his final months at the helm to benefit the partnership. Read More

North Carolina Bill A Smorgasbord of Changes to Oil, Gas Laws

A trio of lawmakers supporting oil and natural gas drilling in North Carolina introduced a bill Thursday that would extend the deadline for the state to develop its own regulatory program; create a new Oil and Gas Commission; reconstitute the state's Mining and Energy Commission (MEC); invalidate local bans on oil and gas activities; ban wastewater injection wells, and establish a severance tax. Read More