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Arizona Coal Plant May Operate Through 2019; Future in Navajo's Hands

The four non-government utilities that own most of Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Arizona, as expected, decided Monday to push for the plant's continuing operations through the next three years. However, they could walk away from the 2,250 MW coal-fired plant by the end of this year rather than the end of 2019, when an existing lease with the Navajo Nation expires. Read More

Fate of Navajo Coal Plant Sign of Changed U.S. Energy Sector

Utility owners of the massive coal-fired Navajo Generating Station were scheduled to meet in Phoenix Monday, and the fate of a bygone era for power generation could be on the chopping block, another casualty of the impact today's cheap, abundant U.S. natural gas supplies have had on the once-dominant coal-fired electricity sector. Decommissioning the plant is one of the options being considered. Read More