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PJM Asks FERC for Advice on Power Subsidies in Era of Natural Gas, Renewables

PJM Interconnection on Monday filed a nearly 500-page document with FERC seeking guidance on how competitive wholesale electricity markets should address state subsidies for faltering coal and nuclear power plants, and it put forth proposals to achieve the tricky balance as more legislatures in its service territory consider bailouts for the resources.  Read More

Fossil Fuel Subsidies $500B to $1T Globally, Reports Say

The latest estimates from several sources indicate that fossil fuel subsidies globally are growing, ranging from $523 billion to more than $1.9 trillion, according to a Worldwatch Institute research fellow. Subsidy levels have rebounded back to 2008 levels, according to Philipp Tagwerker. Read More

Study Finds Solar Power Cost-Competitive with NatGas by 2025

The outlook for natural gas has never been brighter, but in many areas -- including North America, Europe and the entire southern hemisphere -- using solar energy to generate electricity could become cost-competitive or even gain a cost advantage over gas-fired generation by 2025, according to a report by Boston-based Lux Research. Read More