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Long-Time California Regulator Leaves Amid Praise, Condemnation

Before a standing-room-only crowd heaped praise on California's outgoing chief regulator, Michael Peevey, two of his staunchest critics held a press conference outside the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) building Thursday in San Francisco, blasting Peevey and calling for legislative reforms at the CPUC that he headed for an unprecedented 12 years. Read More

Heads Roll as PG&E Divulges Internal Regulatory Scandal

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) dropped a grenade on state regulators Monday, admitting a number of inappropriate contacts between utility and regulatory staff over the past five years. The initial fallout has cost the jobs of three PG&E executives and a top aide to the state's chief regulator, Michael Peevey, who himself has been accused of violating ex-parte rules. Read More

Pipe Safety Prompts CPUC to Re-Examine Basic Rate Cases

Dipping into a regulatory body's bread and butter, California regulators on Thursday voted unanimously to re-tool the state's general rate case process to make public safety determinations about the utility infrastructure they oversee. The specter of the fatal 2010 San Bruno natural gas transmission pipeline failure and its aftermath were cited as drivers for the new statewide examination. Read More