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Natural Gas Traders Nudge Futures Higher on Prospects of Cold; Cash Slides

Hints of early season cold spooked natural gas traders on Friday with flashbacks to last October, when a surprising shift colder led to a sharp rally that eventually pushed futures prices to nearly $5. Despite an early dip to the downside, the November Nymex contract rallied for a second day to settle at $2.352/MMBtu, up 2.3 cents. December climbed 2.4 cents to $2.524. Read More

Natural Gas Key to Meeting U.S. Low Carbon Goals, Says INGAA

Natural gas and related infrastructure will play an integral role in the U.S. transition to a lower-carbon economy and remain a significant contributor to the country’s energy portfolio as well as economic growth over the next two decades, according to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America’s (INGAA) INGAA Foundation. Read More