The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was forced to briefly recess its business meeting in Washington, DC, Thursday morning after protesters repeatedly interrupted Chairman Cheryl LaFleur. The protesters addressed multiple topics, including federal government subsidies for fossil fuels, climate change and FERC’s role in pipeline permitting. After a five-minute break to clear the room, commissioners restarted the meeting without incident. “This is relatively new territory for FERC, and I think we’re a bit learning on the job how to handle situations like that,” LaFleur said.

Enterprise Products Partners LP has received shipper commitments that are sufficient to support expansion of the Panola Pipeline Co. LLC natural gas liquids (NGL) system, the partnership said Thursday. The 181-mile system originates near Carthage, TX, and extends to Mont Belvieu, TX, where it serves multiple destination points, including facilities owned and operated by Enterprise. Enterprise plans to install 60 miles of new pipeline, as well as pumps and other related equipment designed to increase system capacity by 50,000 b/d. The incremental capacity is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2016. “For Haynesville and Cotton Valley producers, expansion of the Panola Pipeline will facilitate continued development of their reserves by providing valuable NGL takeaway capacity for their growing production of liquids-rich natural gas in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana,” said Jim Teague, COO of Enterprise’s general partner.