Units of General Electric (GE) and TransCanada Corp. said they are working to improve the reliability and cost-effectiveness of natural gas-fired power generation at two facilities TransCanada operates on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. GE’s technology called FlexEfficiency Advantage Advanced Gas Path (AGP) is being deployed at TransCanada’s Ravenswood power plant in New York state and its Mackay River cogeneration facility in Alberta, Canada. AGP technology combining hardware and software advances has been installed on one gas-fired GE 7F 3-series turbine at each plant, the companies said. As result, the Ravenswood combined-cycle gas-fired unit has increased its output by 5%, and the cogeneration unit in Alberta has experienced a 10% boost in output, according to the companies. Along with efficiency increases of 1% and 2%, respectively, at the two plants, TransCanada said it expected to realize $900,000 in annual fuel savings.