Commercial truck electrification specialist Hyliion Holding Corp. is partnering with proppant delivery specialist Detmar Logistics to electrify its fleet.

Hyliion recently announced it would work closely with San Antonio-based Detmar over the next five years to convert 127 Volvo trucks and hauls with diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrid solutions. 

Detmar, which transports more than 200 loads of sand for hydraulic fracturing operations each day, has already placed an initial order for 10 units that would be installed at its headquarters in Austin, TX. 

“Oil and gas will continue to be an important part of the world’s energy future, and it’s imperative that we align with climate efforts to make our operations sustainable for generations to come,”  CEO Matthew Detmar said. “Hyliion’s approach to electrification by making improvements to our existing semi-trucks makes the most sense for us. We also see natural gas playing a significant role as an energy source for powering electric vehicles in the years ahead.”

Hyliion sees an opportunity to convert natural gas that would otherwise be flared to CNG. “What was once a waste product can be turned into a usable fuel to power electrified trucks like Hyliion’s CNG Hybrid and Hypertruck ERX,” Hyliion management aid.

CNG trucks are under-powered compared to diesel equivalents. The Hyliion CNG algorithm stores energy on flats and downhills, and deploys up to a 120-hp boost when needed for key climbs and heavy loads, according to the company. 

There is also a remote tracking and maintenance capability, keeping control of the system with co-pilot controls in the cab informing drivers when the axle is storing energy, using it or operating as a traditional axle. Converting one tractor trailer from diesel to CNG can save up to $10,000 each year, according to Hyliion.