Connecticut residents pay the most of any state overall for their energy, whether it be natural gas, electricity, home heating oil and motor fuel, while Washington, DC, residents pay the least, according to a new report by WalletHub.

The Evolution Finance Inc. subsidiary found that on average, Connecticut residents spend $372/month for their energy, whereas DC residents pay an average cost of $199/month.

WalletHub compared the total monthly residential energy bills in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, reviewing the cost of electricity, natural gas, home heating oil and motor fuel. The monthly cost of electricity was calculated by multiplying average consumption by the average retail price in each state.

In terms of natural gas, the average residential price was found to be the most expensive in Hawaii, followed by Florida, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The cheapest residential natural gas prices were in Idaho, followed by North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota and Colorado.

Natural gas consumption/consumer was highest in Illinois, followed by Michigan, New Jersey, Alaska and Utah. However, states with the lowest natural gas consumption/consumer were led by Hawaii, followed by Florida, Maine, Arizona and New Hampshire.

Hawaii had the highest overall electricity prices, followed by Alaska, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The cheapest state for electricity costs was Louisiana, followed by Washington, Arkansas, Idaho and North Dakota.

In terms of electricity consumption/consumer, the statistics told a different story. Louisiana had the highest electricity consumption/consumer, followed by Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina. States with the lowest electricity consumption/consumer were Hawaii, California, New York, Rhode Island and Alaska.

The average price of motor fuel was found to be the most expensive in Hawaii, followed by California, Washington, Nevada and Oregon. As for states with the cheapest motor fuel options, Mississippi led the way, followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Motor fuel consumption/driver was highest in Wyoming, followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a city of 70 square miles, Washington, DC, had the lowest motor fuel consumption/driver. New York was second lowest, followed by Alaska, Washington and Rhode Island.

WalletHub’s residential energy analysis showed that home heating oil was most expensive in DC, followed by New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. The lowest prices for home heating oil could be found in Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Per consumer, consumption was highest in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Home heating oil consumption/consumer was lowest in Hawaii, followed by Mississippi, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana.