The Gas Research Institute rolled out the first line of targetedresearch offerings, in which companies can gain proprietary accessto technical solutions by forming a partnership with GRI andproduct manufacturers. It is GRI’s first step into the commercialworld where research is determined by market need.

GRI held a pilot program in December to test the process andattracted investors on three of six offerings. The organization hasincluded 14 new product offers for gas and related energy marketsunder its current marketing program. The offerings are beingmarketed under GRI’s new GRI Select brand. The organization plansto refine its targeted research program over the next couple yearsand intends to roll out $50-$70 million in new research offeringsannually under GRI Select by 2000.

“GRI Select allows participants to successfully andcost-effectively invest in new products and processes which providethe basis for competitive advantage,” said Tony Hamer, GRI seniorvice president, commercial development and services center.

The current offerings include the following: Improvedhigh-permeability completion practices, prediction of overpressurezones while drilling, international hydraulic fracture imagingconsortia, reducing the cost of offshore gas processing, hydratecontrol technologies joint industry project, global technologytransfer alliance, utility partners program – distributionservices, MarketFlex strategic information management system,development and assessment of emerging distributed resourcetechnologies, development of lower cost gas fired absorptionchiller, unitary gas engine heat pump development, gaining marketadvantage with desiccant humidification, low-cost Nox reduction forcoal-fired plants and customer information center.

Participation in each offering is limited. For more informationcall Carol Lopez at (773) 399-8200.

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