Natural gas that would otherwise be burned off at U.S. wellsites is set to be captured and turned into profitable LNG in a collaboration between a Golar LNG Ltd. subsidiary and GTUIT LLC.

Permian flaring

Subsidiary Macaw Energies Ltd. secured a partnership with the Montana-based gas treatment expert to condition and reuse gas that would normally be flared at oilfield sites. Macaw initially plans to construct 10 liquefied natural gas units in the United States. 

The partnership “is poised to deliver a comprehensive solution for U.S. producers grappling with natural gas flaring,” Macaw CEO Slim Hbaieb said. “By leveraging GTUIT’s gas treatment units and Macaw’s proprietary, cost-efficient liquefaction units, Macaw aims to eliminate natural gas waste and convert it to low-carbon LNG, reduce...