Click here to listen to the latest episode of NGI’s Hub & Flow podcast in which NGI’s Patrick Rau, director of Strategy and Research, breaks down what to expect during the oil and natural gas industry’s 3Q2021 earnings calls, which are taking place during a turbulent and chaotic time.


Amid a global energy supply crunch, natural gas prices have skyrocketed around the world. Find out how the energy sector will likely respond to the unfolding crisis ahead of the 2021-2022 winter heating season.

NGI’s Rau dives into what to expect from third quarter earnings reports, including where U.S. natural gas producers are with regard to boosting production and what the next wave of liquefied natural gas projects may look like. 

In addition, the podcast takes a look at the industry’s laser focus on differentiated and certified gas, sometimes known as responsibly sourced gas, aka RSG. Rau also discusses potential merger and acquisition activity, and what that may mean for midstream companies, along with the implications of energy company plans to return excess cash to shareholders.

Believing that transparent markets empower businesses, economies and communities, NGI works to provide natural gas price transparency for the Americas. NGI’s Hub & Flow podcast is a part of that effort.