Natural Gas Forward Basis Prices

NGI's Forward Look

A new service offering Natural Gas Forward Basis and Fixed Price equivalents - at 60+ key locations

Does your job depend on managing the fluctuating price of natural gas? Are you looking for an unbiased assessment of potential natural gas forward prices, based on all available market information, from a name you can trust? You've just found it...

NGI's Forward Look charts the future price of physical natural gas at 60+ key trading locations around the country. NGI's Forward Look offers both fixed and basis forward natural gas prices 10 years out and historical data back to 2012--to feed your price models.

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Who Uses Forward Look... and Why?

Utilities use Forward Look to help plan for and time purchases. Price forecasting is a critical function for LDCs. The right decisions avoid surprise rate increase filings.

Traders use Forward Look to optimize trading execution. Knowing what the natural gas price is likely to do next month--or even next year--guides trading decisions made now. Billions of dollars are at stake.

Industrial Buyers utilize Forward Look to establish best practice acquisition of your natural gas supply. The basis price for natural gas at pipelines in the northeast Marcellus often trades at a $1-$2 differential to the Henry Hub. Buying gas cheaply is important for large users.

Consultants use Forward Look to guide their clients in decisions ranging from where to site a plant to new pipeline construction.

Accounting departments at upstream and midstream companies use Forward Look to provide accurate valuations of their assets--the gas in the ground. They need to file accurate reports with FERC and the SEC reflecting asset value.

Analysts who need accurate, reliable data to model future gas price trends or formulate long-term strategy.

Anyone who needs to know the market's current expectation about where prices will go over the next 12 months, based on all known and available information in place today.


What's in a Forward Look Subscription?

1. Daily email with two tables of tabular data--one for fixed prices and the other for basis prices--that show precise values for this month, next month, the rest of the current period, and the next two trading seasons-- the winter and summer strips.

2. Online access to fixed and basis price curve charts for all 60+ trading points for the past 20 trading days. Click to view the Forward Look home page

3. Historical data (optional) offers users access to data for use in your models. NGI offers price data for up to six years (depending on the trading location), available in an easy-to-download Excel format. Click to Download a Forward Look Datafeed Sample (XLS)

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