Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has opened a renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling station in Hunts Point in New York City.

The station is using Clean Energy’s Redeem, RNG derived from anaerobic digestion. Clean Energy said in March it would dispense only RNG by 2025 under the Redeem brand in its network of nationwide natural gas fueling stations.

Clean Energy has estimated that 100 trucks running on RNG could lower greenhouse gases by as much as 9,294 metric tons a year.

“A few blocks from here is Hunts Point Market, the largest food distribution center of its kind in the world, resulting in approximately 15,000 truck trips per day,” said Clean Energy’s Chad Lindholm, vice president of sales.

Several local fleets are in preparation to operate natural gas-powered trucks that would use the new station, including Baldor Specialty Foods, Manhattan Beer Distributors, and US Concrete.

“This long-envisioned station will serve fleets operating in Hunts Point with a lower-cost alternative to diesel fuel that can lead to substantial reductions in truck-related pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” Lindholm said.

In May, global package carrier United Parcel Service Inc. signed the largest contract ever with Clean Energy, calling for up to 170 million gallon equivalents of RNG through 2026.