Range Resources Corp. reported a fire late Wednesday at one of its well pads in Washington County, PA, where equipment failure is believed to be the cause of the blaze, the company said.

Range said there was no well control incident. Instead, the company believes machinery near the pad discharged engine oil that caught fire along with plastic liners used for environmental protection. No injuries were reported. The company and area first responders were able to extinguish the fire within an hour using a specialty foam.

“As with any incident of this nature, we will work with regulators and first responders to investigate what occurred and take action to best prevent future incidents from happening,” the company said in its statement. “These investigations can take weeks or months in some instances to fully recognize what exactly occurred.”

It wasn’t immediately clear how long operations at the site, in North Strabane Township about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, could be delayed.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) sent inspectors to the site and said the situation was brought under control quickly. Residents in the area told local news media that the fire appeared to be burning near a drilling rig, letting off large plumes of black smoke into the sky. But Range did not say if any significant damage was caused to the site.

The company is meeting with area residents to explain what happened and “to assist them with any issues” the incident might have created.