Florida Gas Transmission Co. LLC (FGT) plans to expand its system with pipeline looping and other facilities to serve Florida Public Utilities Co. (FPU) and chemicals company Ascend Performance Materials Inc. with additional capacity of 68,500 MMBtu/d.

The Western Division Project, recently filed at FERC, would provide 28,500 MMBtu/d of capacity (to be potentially increased to 42,000 MMBtu/d) for 25 years from the Destin Pipeline receipt point in George County, MS, for delivery to FGT’s interconnect to the FPU Escambia delivery point in Escambia County, AL. In-service is scheduled for Oct. 1.

With the same receipt and delivery points, Ascend has agreed to acquire up to 40,000 MMBtu/d of assigned capacity from FPU, with 10,000 MMBtu/d of that to be made available Oct. 1 and the rest on April 1, 2018 [CP17-23].

The project would include about one mile of 36-inch diameter pipeline loop, relocation of an existing receiver, and installation of one mainline valve downstream of Compressor Station 11 in Santa Rosa County, FL. In addition, FGT would install about 100 feet of eight-inch diameter connection piping, a custody transfer flange, and other facilities at the interconnection with FPU at the Alabama-Florida border in Escambia County.