Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. LLC (TGP) has been given permission by FERC to ramp up the Susquehanna West Project in north central Pennsylvania, a full two months before the unit of Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) had anticipated.

In a letter order Wednesday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorized TGP to place the $156 million project into service, based on recent construction status reports, photos filed on Aug. 18, and a field inspection conducted on Tuesday [CP15-148].

Susquehanna West is a 145,000 Dth/d expansion of east-west capacity on TGP’s existing 300 Line. The expansion was designed to provide incremental transportation service to Statoil Natural Gas LLC to serve markets in the Northeast. The project includes 8.2 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline looping on the 300 Line, as well as piping modifications between TGP’s existing Shoemaker receipt meter in Susquehanna County, PA, and the interconnection with National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.’s system at the Rose Lake Meter Station in Potter County, PA.

TGP was expected to bring Susquehanna West online by Nov. 1.

FERC issued a certificate of authorization for the project in September 2016. Five months later, the Commission denied a motion to consolidate the Susquehanna West proceedings with those of the Orion Project, another TGP looping project on the 300 Line.