Algonquin Gas Transmission LLC has been given permission by FERC to proceed with infrastructure construction in New York to support the $452 million Atlantic Bridge expansion project.

In a letter order issued last Thursday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said Algonquin could proceed with building the Stony Point discharge take-up and Relay Station Nos. 0+00 through 100+76, and 102+77 through 212+84, all of which are in Somers and Yorktown, NY [CP16-9]. Associated minor route or workspace modifications were also authorized.

FERC also granted Algonquin permission to construct a pair of permanent access roads and set up four contractor yards in Dansville, Hopewell Junction and Yorktown.

Atlantic Bridge, a 132,700 Dth/d expansion of the Algonquin and Maritimes & Northeast pipeline systems in New England, is backed by Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. after its recentacquisition of Spectra Energy. The project is designed to deliver natural gas into New England and the Canadian Maritime provinces.

FERC issued a certificate order for the project in January. Two months later, the Commission issued a notice to proceed with construction despite calls from opponents to halt the project while FERC lacked a quorum and was prevented from acting on rehearing requests.

Last May, Algonquinreceived several water quality permits from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for the Atlantic Bridge project. Specifically, it received freshwater wetlands, stream disturbance and Clean Water Act Section 401 permits.