Engie SA, which is unloading its global upstream liquefied natural gas (LNG) business in a mega-deal with Total SA, has agreed to sell its gas import terminal near Boston to Exelon Generation.

Engie North America is selling the Everett, MA, import terminal to Exelon to ensure a “reliable supply of gas” for Mystic Generating Station. Exelon plans to shutter Mystic units 7-9 and the Jet unit by June 2022.

No financial details were provided on the purchase, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Mystic Generating Station is a 2,000 MW natural gas- and oil-fueled power plant. Units 7-9 are the operating units at the plant, while units 1-6 are decommissioned.

The Everett Marine Terminal, aka the Distrigas terminal, is the longest-operating LNG import facility of its kind in the United States. In late 2010 Everett was the first domestic import facility to receive 1,000 LNG cargoes.The Engie facility serves nearly all of the gas utilities in New England and key power producers, including a connection to a 1,550 MW power plant that serves the Greater Boston area.

The terminal also has been an LNG supplier to a network of 46 utility-owned, above-ground LNG storage tanks that serve New England’s gas storage needs. Because of geological conditions in the region, underground gas storage is not feasible.

Total agreed last November to buy Engie’s global LNG portfolio in a transaction worth up to $2 billion. Once completed, the supermajor would manage by 2020 estimated LNG volumes totaling around 40 million metric tons/year, with a worldwide market share of 10%.

In connection with the Total agreement, Engie has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a temporary waiver to begin the process of releasing it from several long-term firm natural gas transportation agreements. The sale is expected to be completed this summer.

Engie has petitioned specifically for temporary waivers of the Commission’s capacity release posting and bidding requirements, prohibition against tying, the shipper-must-have-title policy, prohibition on buy/sell arrangements, and any other rules, policies or authorizations needed to transfer Engie’s transportation agreements initially to a subsidiary.

The sale of Engie’s upstream and midstream LNG business to Total is to be accomplished in two steps, it said.

In the reorganization transaction, set to be completed around May 1, Engie would transfer to its subsidiary the natural gas purchase and sales agreements, financial agreements, interests in various LNG carrier vessels, LNG sales contracts, and regasification capacity in Europe.

In the second step of the transaction, expected to be completed around July 1, the ownership interests of of the subsidiary Global LNG SAS would be transferred to Total, giving it 100% ownership interest in Engie’s upstream and midstream LNG business.