Natural gas production from the “Other States” category was down compared to the previous month for only the second time in nine months, but total U.S. natural gas production, which has of late been buoyed by that shale gas-rich category, still managed a 0.3% increase in September, according to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Monthly Natural Gas Gross Production Report.

Total U.S. gas production in September was 82.16 Bcf/d, compared with 81.95 Bcf/d in August and 80.34 Bcf/d in September 2012, EIA said. At the same time, production in the Other States category, which includes shale-heavy Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, was 26.73 Bcf/d, a 0.2% decrease from 26.78 Bcf/d in August. Still, the category, which has been giving the U.S. total a boost for most of the year (see Shale Daily, Nov. 1), was up 3.43 Bcf/d compared to 23.30 Bcf/d in September 2012.

The biggest boost to the U.S. total came from Alaska, where EIA reported 8.25 Bcf/d of production, a 10.6% increase from 7.46 Bcf/d in August and a 7.6% increase from 7.67 Bcf/d in September 2012.

The only other categories showing increases in September compared with August were Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico (3.55 Bcf/d, compared with 3.35 Bcf/d in August) and Oklahoma (5.99 Bcf/d, compared with 5.95 Bcf/d in August). The increase in Gulf of Mexico production was primarily due to the completion of platform and pipeline maintenance, EIA said.

For a second straight month, Louisiana showed the largest volumetric decrease (6.04 Bcf/d, a 5.3% decrease from 6.38 Bcf/d in August) “as many surveyed operators reported various maintenance issues and normal well decline,” EIA said.

Also showing declines compared to the previous month were New Mexico (3.65 Bcf/d, a 0.8% decline compared with 3.68 Bcf/d in August), Texas (22.67 Bcf/d, down 0.3% compared with 22.74 Bcf/d in August) and Wyoming (5.28 Bcf/d, down 5.9% compared with 5.61 Bcf/d in August). The Lower 48 total was 73.91 Bcf/d in September, down 0.8% from August).

EIA also issued revised production figures for a wide variety of categories with the monthly report.

“Data corresponding to 2011 and 2012 collected from Form EIA-914 were annually adjusted to encompass current state reported data,” the agency said.

In addition to changes to production numbers in all categories previous to January 2013, in every month of 2013 for the Other States, Lower 48 States and U.S. total categories, EIA reported revised numbers for Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico for August (3.35 Bcf/d), Louisiana for July (6.69 Bcf/d) and August (6.38 Bcf/d), New Mexico for May (3.70 Bcf/d), July (3.67 Bcf/d) and August (3.68 Bcf/d), Oklahoma for August (5.95 Bcf/d), and Texas for August (22.74 Bcf/d).