Ohio pure-play Eclipse Resources Corp. said it has finished drilling its third super lateral well, the Outlaw C 11H, in the Utica Shale condensate window, setting another company record by reaching 19,500 feet in 17 days.

The Outlaw follows the company’s 18,544-foot Purple Hayes 1H well, which was drilled and completed last year in the Utica condensate window of Guernsey County. Eclipse also finished drilling its 19,300-foot Great Scott 3H in the same area earlier this year. CEO Benjamin Hulburt said the company will begin completion operations on both the Outlaw and Great Scott wells in the third quarter.

Eclipse switched to a third generation completion design last year to increase efficiency. The technique uses more slickwater, shorter stage spacing, increased proppant loading and engineered flowback. The company said Friday that it recently turned its seven-well Moser pad in the Utica dry gas window to sales.

Completed with the third generation design, the wells are collectively producing 100 MMcf/d. Hulburt added that with three super laterals set to come online, the Moser pad’s current performance and that of the other third generation wells in its portfolio, he expects the company to produce 350 MMcfe/d in the third quarter. Eclipse produced 290 MMcfe/d in 1Q2017.

The company now classifies any lateral longer than 15,000 feet a “super lateral.” It hopes they can drive down finding and development costs and significantly boost well returns. Speaking at an industry conference in Pittsburgh last month, Hulburt added that employing the techniques learned over its three generations of wells have likely added 10-15% to estimated ultimate recoveries over time.

Eclipse also said on Friday that it has finished drilling its second Marcellus Shale condensate well in Ohio and would begin completions in the third quarter. Eclipse has nearly 114,000 net acres across five Ohio Counties. Most of the land is prospective for the Utica, but 14,000 acres overlays a liquids-rich portion of the Marcellus. The company operates just one producing Marcellus well in Ohio.