DT Midstream Inc. (DTM) has boosted the top end capacity estimate for its Louisiana Energy Access Project, or LEAP, to 4 Bcf/d, roughly double the amount of natural gas it could be transporting by 2026.

Based on the work to expand LEAP, “it’s become clear to us that we actually can expand this beyond 3 Bcf/d up to the 4 Bcf/d neighborhood,” CEO David Slater said during the fourth quarter earnings call.

The Detroit-based company completed a second expansion in January. A third phase would raise the capacity to 1.9 Bcf/d by the second half of the year. The 150-mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline carries Haynesville Shale natural gas in Louisiana to the Gulf Coast for LNG exports and industrial use.

LEAP is one of eight pipeline projects underway through the end of the decade...