Northwest Sumas Rocky Mountains Natural Gas Prices

Published: Feb 19, 2019
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Deliveries from Westcoast Energy Pipeline into Northwest Pipeline at the Sumas, WA/Huntington, BC border. Prices are listed in $US/MMbtu.

Near-term Cold Keeps Natural Gas Bulls in Game; Spot Gas Slides

After a brief dip into negative territory, natural gas futures posted another gain Tuesday as the American weather model turned more aggressive, with cold returning to the East later this month. With already strong demand on tap beginning this week and lasting through next week, the Nymex March gas futures contract settled 4.6 cents higher at $2.688. April was up 4.6 cents to $2.705.

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Developing Cold Snap Fuels Natural Gas Futures; Spot Prices Mixed

Natural gas futures rallied to start the week as weather guidance trended colder with a weather system expected to hit the United States this weekend and others that would potentially last into March. The Nymex March gas futures contract climbed 5.9 cents to settle Monday at $2.642, while April jumped 5.5 cents to $2.659. Read More

Weekly Prices Mostly Lower as Spring Arrives Early; West Volatile on Localized Cold

Despite mostly mild weather across the United States this week, some localized frigid air in the West led to extreme volatility in that region. Prices for the Feb. 4-8 period spiked nearly $20 in the Rockies and more than $10 in California as demand hit record levels. Elsewhere, however, temperatures turned springlike and led to a substantial sell-off, especially in Northeast markets. The NGI Weekly National Avg.ultimately rose 59 cents to $3.525.

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Colder Late-February Outlooks Give Boost to Natural Gas Futures; Cash Sinks

Natural gas futures prices put up modest gains Friday as weather models trended colder with a cold snap expected to hit the country around Feb. 18, and hinted at the possibility of more winter storms to follow. The Nymex March gas futures contract edged up 3.2 cents to settle at $2.583, while April rose 3.2 cents to $2.604. Read More

March Natural Gas Moves into Black (Barely) as Weather Model Battle Continues

After shedding nearly a quarter during the last four trading sessions, March natural gas prices managed to end Tuesday in the black -- but barely -- as major weather model differences continued between the milder Global Forecast System model and the colder European model. The Nymex March gas futures contract climbed two-tenths of a cent to settle at $2.662, while April rose eight-tenths of a cent to $2.65. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Slide Again with Winter Nearly Done; Spot Gas Mostly Lower

Natural gas futures prices fell deeper into the red Monday, extending losses for a fourth consecutive day as weather models can’t seem to agree on the return of significantly colder weather. The Nymex March gas futures contract settled 7.4 cents lower at $2.66. April dropped 5.7 cents to $2.642, and the rest of the futures strip fell no more than about 5 cents. Read More

February Bidweek Dips as Bone-Rattling Polar Vortex No Match for Ample Natural Gas Inventory

After a decidedly mild December and a tepid start to 2019, natural gas price bulls were hoping the return of polar... Read More

Natural Gas Shrugs Off Record Arctic Blast; Pipes Brace for Frosty Conditions

For a market dominated by weather, the polar blast sweeping across the eastern half of the country arrived too little too late for natural gas traders eyeing the extended... Read More

February Natural Gas Strengthens Into Expiry as Polar Freeze Wallops Midwest

The February Nymex natural gas futures contract ended on a positive note Tuesday, recovering from early losses as long-range forecasts hinted at more cold arriving after a milder break next week. In the spot market, Midwest prices surged for a second straight day as forecasters were looking for the most extreme temperatures from this week’s polar cold front to hit the region Wednesday; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. added 77.5 cents to $4.400/MMBtu.

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‘Deep Trouble’ for Natural Gas as Medium-Term Warm-Up Sinks Futures; Midwest Cash Gains

Despite being on the cusp of a potentially record-setting Arctic blast, the natural gas futures market on Monday expressed its dissatisfaction with a mild break expected next week, selling off sharply to slip back below the $3 mark. In the spot market, the prospect of dangerously cold temperatures over the next few days helped drive hefty gains in the Midwest; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. climbed 31.0 cents to $3.625/MMBtu.

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