Westcoast Station 2 Canada Natural Gas Prices

Published: Dec 17, 2018
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Westcoast Station 2 Description

Gas delivered into Station 2 along Spectra's Westcoast Energy (WEI) pipeline. Station 2 is located near Chetwynd, BC, and is the main aggregation point from which supplies from the Northeastern part of British Columbia are shipped south along the main WEI pipeline. Reported in $C/GJ.

Winter Natural Gas Prices Slashed as Long-Range Forecasts Trend Warmer; Spot Gas Tanks

Natural gas futures prices came crashing down Friday as weather models all trended warmer for the rest of December, easing some fears about adequate supplies this winter. The Nymex January futures contract plunged 29.7 cents to $3.827, the first sub-$4 settle for the January contract since Nov. 12. February dropped 27.4 cents to $3.753, and March tumbled 25 cents to $3.606. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Tumble Through Recent Range as Spot Gas Slides Again

Forecasts may be frosty in the days leading up to Christmas, but a lack of reinforcing cold shots seen in the days after sent... Read More

Return to Colder Temps Potentially Delayed as Natural Gas Futures Slide; Cash Moderates

Natural gas futures sold off across the winter strip Tuesday as markets awaited further clues on the timing and strength of a potential return to colder temperatures later this month. In the spot market, prices sold off across most of the Lower 48 on expectations for milder national demand over the next few days, though points in volatile New England lurched higher; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. fell 8.0 cents to $4.545/MMBtu. Read More

Christmas Weather Models Toy With Natural Gas Market; January Strengthens

Despite trading in the negative early Monday, the possibility of cold weather returning to the United States around Christmas was enough to send natural gas futures prices nearly 18 cents higher by midday. The Nymex January gas futures contract eventually went on to settle up just 5.7 cents at $4.545, while February slipped 1.8 cents to $4.360 and March slid 1.9 cents to $4.136. Read More

Return to Bitter Cold Drives up Weekly Natural Gas Prices

While natural gas futures prices continued to swing wildly in both directions during the Dec. 3-7 period, cash market direction was more clear as mild start to the week quickly gave way to more frigid conditions by midweek. Read More

Threat of Colder Weather Before Year’s End Sends Natural Gas Winter Futures Surging; Spot Gas Rises

Natural gas traders were not taking any chances in holding short positions on Friday given continuously fluctuating weather... Read More

January Natural Gas Shrugs Off 63 Bcf Storage Withdrawal

The Energy Information Administration reported a 63 Bcf withdrawal from Lower 48 natural gas inventories for the week... Read More

Tug-of-War Between Bears, Bulls Leaves January NatGas Marginally Higher as Cash Retreats

The power struggle between natural gas market bears and bulls continued Wednesday as futures prices soared as much as 17 cents overnight on a chillier long-range outlook only to plunge into the red as the latest data added a few days of milder temperatures. The Nymex January gas futures contract eventually recovered enough to settle 1.2 cents higher at $4.469 Wednesday, while February rose 2.5 cents to $4.33 and March gained a more substantial 6.9 cents to hit $4.006. Read More

Natural Gas Cash Rallies on Frigid Temps as Potential for Cold January Spooks Futures Market

Short-term cold was enough to swing the natural gas market higher Tuesday, boosting January prices more than a dime even as weather data changed very little day/day. The Nymex January futures contract settled at $4.457, up 11.8 cents. February rose 14.8 cents to $4.305, and March edged up 16.9 cents to $3.937. Read More

January Natural Gas Plunges as Warming Trends Finally Catch Traders’ Attention

Although last week offered glimpses of warmer temperatures forecast to arrive by the middle of December, recent volatility in weather models kept natural gas market bears treading lightly. That changed Monday when milder weather trends rolled into the medium range, sustained warmth to close out the month became a possibility and production data pointed to a new high. Read More