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Includes deals done at the Opal Hub in Lincoln County, WY. Our index also contains deals done at the Muddy Creek Compressor station, and the Pioneer, Hams Fork, and Roberson Creek receipt points along Kern River Pipeline. Connecting pipelines in the Opal area include Kern River, Northwest, Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG), Rockies Express, Questar, Overthrust Pipeline, and Wyoming Interstate Company (WIC).

What Rally? Gains Erased as November NatGas Slips Another 6 Cents; Rockies Spot Gas Up

What is usually a quiet day of trading was anything but on Friday as November natural gas prices swung in a nearly 15-cent range before settling 6.1 cents lower at $3.161. Despite bullish weather forecasts that remained intact, lower demand because of former Hurricane Michael and recovering production following the storm helped market bears regain the upper hand after an early-morning rally. Read More

Strong Cash, Spiking Demand Send November NatGas Soaring Despite Record Production

Lower 48 gas production returned to record highs, but continued strength in the cash market and substantial increases in heating demand projected for mid-October lifted the Nymex November natural gas futures contract up a whopping 12.4 cents Monday to settle at $3.267. Read More

Volatile Week for Natural Gas Leaves Most Markets in the Black

Persistent warmth, natural gas pipeline maintenance events and an unusually high level of nuclear generation outages lifted gas prices across most of the country from Oct. 1-5, with some pricing locations posting gains of more than $1 on some days. Milder weather that moved in later in the week, however, trimmed overall gains. The NGI Weekly National Avg. rose 14 cents to $2.80.

Read More

NatGas Traders Take Breather as November Slips 2 Cents Despite Bearish Weather on Tap; Spot Gas Plunges

With weather forecasts showing a mid-October cold snap quickly fading, natural gas futures continued to fall from recent highs Friday as the milder outlook, combined with the latest storage data, appeared to calm market fears about potential supply issues this winter. The Nymex November gas futures contract slipped 2.2 cents to settle at $3.143. Spot gas prices also moved lower with milder weather in much of the country, save for the southern United States and up the Mid-Atlantic coast. The NGI National Avg. plunged 23.5 cents to $2.68. Read More

Bullish Momentum Builds Ahead of Storage Report as November Natural Gas Rallies a Third Day

The ball remained firmly in natural gas market bulls’ court Wednesday as November prices easily breached low-end technical resistance, shooting up as high as $3.26 before taking a few steps back before the close. Read More

Early Cold Snap Spooking Natural Gas Market Dealing with Anemic Storage Weeks Before Winter

Clearer signs of a cold front in mid-October were enough to send natural gas futures rallying for a second day as traders grappled with the very real possibility that storage inventories could sit as low as 3.25 Bcf at the start of the premium winter season. The Nymex November gas futures contract rocketed 7.2 cents higher to $3.166 even as gas production continued to set records. Read More

November Natural Gas Surges as Weather Changes Shine Light on Storage; Spot Gas Strengthens

The first day of trading in October was a volatile one as Nymex gas futures rocketed 8.6 cents higher at the front of the curve as traders weighed the impact of shifting weather forecasts that could leave 600+ Bcf storage deficits relatively intact just as the peak of the shoulder season hits. Spot gas prices, meanwhile, were mostly higher amid warmer temperatures in the southern and eastern United States. The NGI National Spot Gas Avg. soared 12 cents to $2.64. Read More
Storage 9-21-18

Appalachian Basis Diffs Widen as Weekly NatGas Spot Market Closes Book on September

As storage concerns came to the forefront in the natural gas futures market during the week ended Sept. 28, shoulder season temperatures produced a mix of changes in the spot market; the NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average fell a penny to $2.66/MMBtu. Read More

Mild Forecast Pressures Natural Gas Futures Lower; Appalachian Spot Weakness Continues

A milder outlook for October helped pressure natural gas futures lower Friday, as the conditions that contributed to a bullish weekly inventory build weren’t expected to last. Spot prices rebounded for Monday delivery in the Northeast as Appalachian basis differentials remained weak; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 1.0 cents to $2.520/MMBtu. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Not Rattled as EIA’s Storage Number Surpasses Consensus

The Energy Information Administration reported an 86 Bcf weekly injection into working U.S. natural gas stocks Thursday that was... Read More