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We only include deliveries into a portion of the NGPL Midcontinent area, which is the largest rate zone on the NGPL system. The portion of the zone we include begins with Station 155 in Wise County, TX, moves northeast to Station 801, and includes the entire "triangle" area marked by Station 156 in Oklahoma, Station 112 in Moore County, TX (North Texas Panhandle), and Station 103 in South Central Kansas. However, we do not incorporate any transactions that are delivered to NGPL between Stations 103 and the terminus of the Midcontinent Zone at Station 106 in Gage, NE.

Uncertainty on Looming Heat Behind Natural Gas Futures Sell-Off; Cash Pulls Back

A notable decline in natural gas production did nothing to deter bears who took back control of the market on Tuesday. With weather models remaining at odds over the intensity and duration of an expected heat wave later this month, the July Nymex gas futures contract fell 5.8 cents to settle at $2.328. August dropped 6.2 cents to $2.311. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Steady as Traders Mull Latest Weather Outlooks, Higher Production

Natural gas futures stalled Monday even as production data trended higher over the weekend. With weather models maintaining a hotter-than-normal period during the last third of the month, the July Nymex gas futures contract slipped one-tenth of a cent to $2.386/MMBtu. August fell 0.8 cents to $2.373. Read More

With Projected Heat Intensifying, Natural Gas Futures Recover Losses; Cash Mixed

In a sign that Thursday’s 6.1-cent decline was a bit overdone, natural gas futures recovered all of those losses -- plus a penny -- on Friday. Driven in part by more supportive long-range weather forecasts, the July Nymex gas futures contract rose 6.2 cents to settle at $2.387. August climbed 5.9 cents to $2.381. Read More

EIA Reports Low-End, Triple-Digit Natural Gas Storage Build

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Thursday reported a 102 Bcf injection into storage inventories... Read More

Hotter-Trending Forecasts Fuel Natural Gas Futures; Pipe Maintenance Leaves Cash Mixed

In an extremely quiet session for most of Tuesday, natural gas futures prices rose for a third straight day as weather outlooks began to trend warmer for the latter part of June. However, it wasn’t until midday data trended even hotter that confidence in the forecasts grew, sending the July Nymex up 4.2 cents to settle at $2.399. Gains of 4 cents or more were seen through September, although prices for those contracts remained below $2.40. Read More

Easing Temperatures Send Weekly Prices Lower; Permian Rebounds as Pipe Work Ends

After a scorching end to May, temperatures eased a bit for the first week of June, sending natural gas demand and prices lower for the June 3-7 period. Led by steep declines in the Rockies and the Midwest, the NGI Spot Gas Weekly National Avg. fell 7.5 cents to $1.955. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Bounce Slightly as Demand Added to Weather Forecasts; Cash Slips

Trading action quieted down Friday for natural gas futures as market participants opted to take a breather ahead of the weekend. With a small bit of demand added back into long-term weather forecasts, the July Nymex contract rose 1.3 cents to settle at $2.337/MMBtu. August rose less than a penny to $2.331. Spot gas prices softened amid light weekend demand, with the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. tumbling 9.5 cents to $1.905. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Hit Pause Button on Recent Slide Despite Ongoing Bearish Sentiment

Weather models continued to show cooler trends for the latter part of June, but after plunging more than 20 cents over the past three trading sessions, a technical bounce kept natural gas futures prices in the black on Tuesday. Spot gas prices continued to decline in several areas as stormy conditions were expected to move across the country through Wednesday. However, eastern markets strengthened a bit due to a loss of supply in the region. The NGI National Spot Gas National Avg.rose 6.5 cents to $1.935.

Read More

Natural Gas Futures Follow Through to Downside -- And Then Some

Provided an opening by an outsized inventory build and a mild forecast, and on a day of broader uncertainty among investors, bears strengthened their grip on the natural gas futures market Friday. Meanwhile, spot prices saw heavy discounts from coast to coast ahead of the weekend; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. tumbled 22.0 cents to $1.860/MMBtu.

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Southeast Heat Can’t Erase Weakness in Weekly Natural Gas Spot Prices

The prospect of record Southeast heat provided the lone bright spot for natural gas bulls in the spot market during the week ended May 24; with widespread discounts in the lead-up to Memorial Day, the NGI Weekly Spot Gas National Avg. tumbled 17.5 cents to $2.035/MMBtu. Read More