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Our Northern Border Ventura index captures the value of gas at Ventura, IA that is ticketed for delivery into the Chicago area. As such, it includes receipts from Northern Natural Gas, along with deliveries along its own system at the Ventura Transfer Point. As stated in the Northern Border tariff, "the term 'Transfer Point' shall be used to describe a point on company's system where, for purposes of scheduling and nominations, in-line transfers of gas shall occur from one transportation agreement to another or from a compression agreement or PAL agreement to a transportation agreement." Our index does not include gas traded from Northern Border into Northern Natural Gas.

Early Winter Cold Lights Fire Under Natural Gas Markets as Henry Hub Tops $4/MMBtu

With impressive early winter cold amplifying the risks posed by lean stockpiles, the recent rally in the natural gas futures market showed no signs of letting up Tuesday -- and if anything seemed to accelerate. Meanwhile, another day of widespread weather-driven gains yielded some of the strongest early winter spot prices since 2014; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. tacked on another 35.5 cents to $4.410/MMBtu. Read More
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Colder November Outlook Prompts Natural Gas Futures Rally Ahead of Weekend

Natural gas futures rebounded Friday on colder trends for the second week of November, with more volatility from weather models for a market keenly focused on shifts in the temperature outlook. The December Nymex contract added 4.7 cents to settle at $3.284/MMBtu after trading in a fairly wide range from $3.166 to $3.313. January added 3.5 cents to $3.310, while February climbed 1.9 cents to $3.192. Read More
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November Natural Gas Bidweek Prices Surge Amid Winter Supply Uncertainty

Widening storage deficits just weeks ahead of colder weather and cuts to Canadian imports have muddled the supply picture for the winter despite record... Read More

A Flip Colder for Mid-Month Bolsters December Natural Gas; Sumas Spot Gas Tumbles on Increasing Imports

December natural gas futures strengthened Wednesday as the possibility of chillier weather in the medium range and persistently low storage inventories once again caused jitters for the market. The Nymex December futures contract rose 7.4 cents to $3.261, while January climbed 5.8 cents to $3.302. Read More

Chilling Cold Creeps Back into Weather Outlooks, December NatGas Slides a Penny

Shoulder-season volatility -- in both weather models and natural gas pricing -- continued on Tuesday as traders appeared unsure of what to make of the latest weather data, which reflected a return to cold weather in the long range but warmer weather through the medium term. The Nymex December gas futures contract, in its first day in the prompt-month position, settled at $3.187, down 1.1 cents on the day. January slipped 1.7 cents to $3.244. Read More

Nymex November Expires Flat After Buying Spree Off Technical Support; Spot Gas Mostly Lower

For the second trading day in a row, natural gas futures bounced off key technical support, limiting losses despite a new production record established over the past weekend and warmer weather through the medium range. The Nymex November gas futures contract ultimately expired Monday at $3.185, flat on the day, despite shedding as much as 8.5 cents during the session. December, which will take over the prompt-month position on Tuesday, fell 2.7 cents to $3.198. Read More

Wild October Slowed for Some NatGas Markets, While Pipe Work Led to Volatile Week for Others

Natural gas prices were mixed for the period between Oct. 22 and 26 as unseasonably chilly weather moved across the eastern half of the country. Gains were somewhat tempered compared with recent weeks, although several maintenance events across the country boosted some points by a couple of dollars. The NGI Weekly National Avg.was up a far more modest 6 cents to $3.24. Read More

Buying Spree Trims November NatGas Losses to Just 1.7 Cents; Spot Gas Slides on Mild Temps

Natural gas bears looking for confirmation from weather outlooks for mid-November got what they needed Friday as morning models finally converged in showing warmer weather. Read More

Mid-November Warm-Up Puts Natural Gas Bears Back in Driver’s Seat; Cold Continues to Support Cash

After waffling just a couple of cents below the previous day’s settle for much of the morning -- and even moving into positive territory -- the latest weather models provided enough confirmation in milder mid-November trends for natural gas market bears to officially claim victory, for Wednesday’s battle at least. November Nymex futures settled at $3.166, down 4.6 cents on the day. December fell 5.6 cents to $3.227, and the winter strip (November-March) dropped 5.4 cents to $3.174. Read More

Sharp Swings Continue for Natural Gas Futures as Weather Models Shift; Spot Gas Rises

Even with warmer risks in the latest weather models, cold shots that could continue well into November led to a more than 10-cent swing in prompt-month natural gas prices on Tuesday. The Nymex November gas futures contract eventually settled at $3.212, up 7.4 cents on the day. December was up 6.9 cents to $3.283, and the winter strip (November-March) climbed 5.5 cents to $3.228. Read More