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Includes all transactions within Dominion's South Pool, which is the portion of the pipeline that lies upstream of Valley Gate Junction in Allegheny County, PA. This includes the Pennsylvania portion of the system that lies south of Valley Gate Junction, along with the segments that are located in Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. NOTE: NGI split its prior Dominion index into separate Dominion North Point and South Point indexes in April 2014. Prior to that, our Dominion index was a combination of North and South point deals. We at NGI did not see a meaningful volume of reported deals on Dominion North until late 2013, so for historical comparison purposes, our old Dominion index aligns most closely with our new Dominion South Point index.

Heat Not Enough to Lift Weekly Natural Gas Spot Market as Futures Plummet

Despite peak summer heat over much of the Lower 48, the promise of more comfortable conditions ahead helped take the edge off to keep natural gas spot prices in check during the trading week ended July 19; the NGI Weekly Spot Gas National Avg. slid 4.5 cents to $2.155/MMBtu. Read More

Bears Tighten Grip on Natural Gas Futures as Summer Heat Fails to Impress

Natural gas futures prices sold off again Friday to cap off a decidedly bearish week, with the latest forecasts not promising enough summer cooling demand to appease a well-supplied market. With the intense and widespread heat expected to subside after the weekend, spot prices sold off throughout the Lower 48; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. tumbled 16.5 cents to $2.010/MMBtu.

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Season’s First Below-Average Injection Not Scaring Natural Gas Futures Bears

The Energy Information Administration reported a slightly below-average 62 Bcf build into U.S. natural gas stocks Thursday... Read More

Natural Gas Futures Hit Reverse on Lack of Sustained Heat

Faced with further signs that strong heat this week won’t have staying power, natural gas bulls acquiesced to sharp discounts in the futures market Wednesday. Meanwhile, a weak spot market response to near-term forecasts showing some of the hottest conditions of the summer so far reinforced the bearish sentiment on the day; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. slid 10.0 cents to $2.160/MMBtu.

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Coast-to-Coast Gains for Weekly Natural Gas Spot Prices as Forecast Turns Notably Hotter

With the temperature outlook for July shifting significantly hotter compared to the previous week, natural gas spot prices strengthened throughout the Lower 48 during the period ended July 12; the NGI Weekly Spot Gas National Avg. rallied 32.0 cents to $2.200/MMBtu. Read More

No Fireworks for Natural Gas Futures as Slide Continues

Natural gas futures sold off for a third straight session Tuesday, with weak physical prices, cooler forecast trends and the prospect of another above-average inventory build all helping to keep the bulls on the sidelines. Meanwhile, calls for more heat and humidity along the East Coast couldn’t stir up a stagnant spot market; the NGI Spot Gas National Avg. slumped 5.5 cents to $1.875/MMBtu.

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Easing Heat, Stout Supplies Pressure July NatGas Bidweek Prices; Futures Remain Near Lows

Despite scorching temperatures in store for the first week of July, a cooler long-term outlook squashed any hopes... Read More

Natural Gas Bears Win Battle as July Natural Gas Expires Lower; Cash Mixed

Natural gas bulls and bears remained at a stalemate for most of Wednesday, but a hint of cooler weather ahead in the latest weather data was enough to spur some aggressive selling in the last half hour of trading. The July Nymex gas futures contract went on to expire 1.7 cents lower at $2.291, while August contract fell 1.8 cents lower at $2.268.

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Natural Gas Futures Sputter as Production Reaches Monthly High; Cash Up as Heat Builds

After sharp swings over the last week, natural gas futures tapped the breaks Tuesday as weather models remained fairly intact, trending only slightly hotter overall for the late June/early July period. With production data pointing to the highest output in 30 days, the July Nymex gas futures contract went on to settle at $2.308/MMBtu, a half-cent higher on the day.

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Volatility Returns to Natural Gas Market as Futures Surge; Cash Rallies Despite Mild Temps

A significantly hotter shift in some of the weather models was enough to help natural gas futures recover more than half of last week’s roughly 20-cent plunge. The July Nymex gas futures contract skyrocketed 11.7 cents on Monday to settle at $2.303. August jumped 11.5 cents to $2.284.

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