The Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) at Colorado State University announced that it has created a new online database of energy-related state legislation pending in all 50 states, “from solar to natural gas and everything in between.”

The Advanced Energy Legislation (AEL) Tracker (, said to be the first-of-its-kind database, was developed in partnership with Advanced Energy Economy, a national business group that promotes economic and energy growth.

“AEL Tracker is a nonpartisan tool that allows researchers, journalists, policymakers and concerned citizens to follow and analyze advanced energy legislation — individually and in aggregate,” said AEE CEO Graham Richard.

According to CNEE, state lawmakers “currently are considering more than 2,100 bills that could change the way Americans produce, buy and use energy,” and the tracker “identifies all of those measures and monitors the progress of many advanced energy bills as they move forward.”

A search Wednesday by NGI of “natural gas development” legislation in all of the states returned 197 legislative proposals, including 10 in Colorado and seven in California. Natural gas is one of 10 policy categories, which also include energy efficiency, electricity generation and infrastructure.

CNEE Director Bill Ritter, Colorado’s former governor, is an advocate for “taking the pulse” of the nation on energy matters. “If we look at where the country is going on advanced energy policy, overwhelmingly that transition is being led by states,” Ritter said in introducing the service earlier this month.

Of the pending legislation nationwide, CNEE has found that about 25% is related to new financing tools, including tax incentives; 21% promote “clean” energy; and 8% provide for energy efficiency standards for appliances, building, etc. The center plans to publish two to three analyses monthly.