San Antonio, TX-based CPS Energy has announced a brief outline on future plans to meet its “Flexible Path” 2040 goals, which include adding 300-500 MW of natural gas capacity.

Power BundleFlex is an energy approach designed to help CPS reach its 2040 energy generation portfolio goals. Through the plan, CPS proposes to add 300-900 MW of solar energy capacity, 10-50 MW of battery storage and an additional 300-500 MW of natural gas capacity.

The company said it is considering purchasing natural gas capacity from an “efficient gas unit that already functions in Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)” through a five-to-10 year contract.

The company has not yet disclosed from which unit it could be buying. CPS is considering directly owning more storage systems in addition to its battery project with Southwest Research Institute.

CPS’s Power BundleFlex outlines that the company could potentially add solar power capacity through a combination of purchase power agreements, as well as adding solar farms directly owned and operated by CPS. Flexible Path was released in March last year, which includes the goals for its power generation in 2040.

Under the Flexible plan, CPS predicts its energy generation to diversify into six sources by 2040:

The utility currently owns or has access to around 1,066 MW of wind power, 1,088 MW of nuclear, 497 MW of solar, 1,350 MW of coal, 3,400 MW of natural gas, and 14 MW on renewable landfill gas.