Consolidated Edison Inc. (Con Ed) is proposing a $305 million program to boost future gas service across the New York City region, while shaving winter peak gas loads in the metro area and suburban Westchester County.

The plan calls for building up to five gas storage sites in Westchester County to hold compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). The storage facilities would be small industrial-like sites supplied by CNG and LNG hauling trucks and connected to the Con Ed pipeline distribution system

The added storage, designed to meet winter peak loads, could reduce winter peak demands by up to 40 MMcf/d, the utility said.

Two other incentive programs could knock off another 37.4 MMcf/d through customer incentives to buy efficient heating equipment or installing heat pumps. Up to 8,800 single-family homes in Westchester County are eligible for ground-source heat pumps, and another 1,000 small and mid-sized multi-family buildings could be eligible in the Bronx, where many now burn fuel oil.

The combination efficiency and renewable natural gas (RNG) supply program is aimed at maintaining gas reliability and satisfying renewable energy goals, according to Con Ed’s head of gas operations Marc Huestis. He said the program would not eliminate the need for a gas transmission pipeline for the Northeast region.

The proposed plan, filed with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), aims to reduce peak-day gas demand by 84.5 MMcf/d, or enough to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 5 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Con Ed proposes building three RNG production facilities covering the food waste, sludge, and yard and other waste sectors. The facilities, planned for Westchester County, would help reduce conventional gas demand by an estimated 7.1 MMcf/d.