The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has launched a color-coded interactive map tool that allows the public to view water quality data from more than 450 oil and natural gas drilling sites in the state.

The data was compiled beginning in January 2011, according to the COGCC.

“We hope this data is helpful as we continue to work closely with local governments, industry and neighbors to balance production of important energy resource with protection of our precious water supplies,” said COGCC Director Matt Lepore.

Additional data is to be added to the database beginning with information compiled by the industry’s Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA), which is working on a voluntary groundwater monitoring program. Operators that have signed on to the program drill about 93% of the state’s wells every year, COGA said.

Historic water quality samplings, including spring water data, are to be migrated to the database by the end of the year, said COGCC. Once all of the data is available, the interactive map would be among the most comprehensive water quality databases in the nation, officials said.